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Meet our team below!!!

Kyle Moeller (Owner)

Kyle has been in the shooting industry for the last decade doing general sales and working his way into cerakoting and managing positions before starting Red Beard Gun Works in 2016.

Ryan Hundl (Owner)

Ryan has been shooting precision rifle matches since 2015 and has 20 years in manufacturing and machine shop industries. He started simply threading barrels and eventually worked into full custom rifles. It was a no brainer to team up with Kyle when approached.

Mitch Mitchell (Manager)

Mitch has been a gun enthuisiast his whole life.  He started with Red Beard Gunworks in 2019 and has been an integral part ever since.

Matthew Crumley (Cerakoter)

Matthew started at Red Beard Gunworks in 2019.  He has a background in arts and color and has been cerakoting for 5 plus years.

Lucas Braly (Media/Marketing)

Lucas started in 2020 and his role is media director handeling social media, product advertisement, and art design for our shirts, stickers, and swag.

Kimberly Avalos (Sales Associate)

Kimberly started late 2022 and enjoys MMA and Brazilian Jujitsu. She has a great learning attitude and cant wait to learn more about the gun industry.