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Red Beard Gunworks Cerakote Pricing

Shop minimum dissesamble/reassembly fee $20, Hourly labor is $75.

Single Color                                Patterns
                                                    Up to 4 colors

Semi Auto Pistols

Glock Slide                                                      75                                                    175
Glock Frame                                                   75                                                     175
Other Slides                                                    90                                                     175
Other Frames                                                 100                                                   175
                                                                                                                                175-200 (higher prices for Standard, Tropical, Arid, and Alpine Multicam; and digital)

Battle Worn Slide or Frame                            120
Slide or frame in American or Texas Flag      150
Barrel                                                              25
Grips                                                               20 for both
Magazine Body only                                      15 ea
Magazine Base Plate                                     7 ea                                                    25 ea
Small Parts                                                     30-60


Small Frame                                                   200 *Please request quote for camo/patterns
Medium Frame                                               250
Large Frame                                                   300

Semi-automatic Rifles (AR-15/AK/Other)

Complete (Upper, Lower, Rail)                       60 ea
$20 discount; if all 3 parts done in the same color at the same time

Battle Worn Flag over Upper/Lower/Rail      (150/150/150)                                       400
Kryptek/Digital/Multicam (upper/lower/rail)    225/225/200                                         650

Battle Worn Upper, Lower & Rail                    250
Rail                                                                  70                                                       150
Barrel                                                              70                                                         80
Fluted Barrel                                                   70                                                        150 w/flutes
Stock                                                              Starts @ 45                                          Starts @ 100
Complicated Buttstock                                    65                                                        100
Magazines                                                       25 ea                                                   50 ea
Accessories LPK/UPK                                    Starts @ $60
Color Fill                                                         *ask for quote


Complete(Barrel, receiver, magazine tube, bolt) 200                                                  Starts @ 425
Fore end and stock                                           140                                                     Starts @ 650

Bolt Action or Rimfire Rifles

Receiver, Barrel, & Bottom Metal                         250                                                    400
Barreled Action with bolt                                       200                                                    350
Barrel ONLY                                                         80                                                      
Battleworn Metals Only                                        300
Stock                                                                    Starts @135                                      Starts at 250/400

Knives (Dependent upon blade length)
Fixed                                                                  *Ask for quote

Cups (All Yeti brand and other)
One Solid Color with Stainless Bottom and Rim         30
Stainless Base Stenciled with one color                     40 Add $10 for each additional stencil
Two Color with One Stencil                                         50 Add $10 for each additional stencil and/or color
Camo                                                                           Starts @ 85

Miscellaneous Gun Parts
Rings and Bases/Optics mounts                               Starts @ 65                               Starts @125
Scopes                                                                      Starts @ 150                             Starts @ 250


Special Weapons
Suppressor                                                                Starts @ 65                                 Starts @ 120

Extra Colors - $25 per color


10% discount for military and law enforcement on all Cerakote and services.

*NOTE: Prices are subject to change without prior written notice. Not all firearms are the same and sometimes special circumstances may apply. We will notify the owner of special requirements upon receipt and inspection of the firearm and provide a revised quote before services are performed.

Tight Tolerance Parts and Markings:
We do not coat sears, springs, bores/chambers or other tolerance critical or high-flex parts. In addition, we do not media blast scopes or other optics and, as a result, there will not be as good an adhesion of the Cerakote to those items.

Tolerance: For standard firearms applications it is often inadvisable to coat both pins and pin holes, as the resulting one (1) mil thickness of the coating when applied to rounded surfaces creates increase of two (2) mil to the part tolerance and four (4) mil (.004) when both hole and pin are coated. This is also applicable to auto-pistol slide and frame fit, such as on tight-fitting 1911’s. We typically plug or mask holes and pins and only coat the pin ends. However, we can coat pins and holes and then custom fit these parts after coating for an additional charge. We recommend hand fitting and lapping for 1911 pistol slides and frames as this will yield a precision fit and can help to tighten looser fitting slide/frame combos.

Markings: For receivers, frames, slides, Picatinny rails which have painted on or lightly laser etched markings these markings will be lost during the surface preparation and coating unless they are machine engraved or stamped. If these markings are of great importance we can mask over them, but those areas in and immediately around the markings will not be coated and, as such, will not blend. Manufacturer’s serial numbers will be masked at no additional charge where needed or coated where possible. Some manufacturer model numbers, name etc which are laser engraved will be masked over. This is per BATFE (ATF) regulations. Please consult us for specific requirements.