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Machining & Gunsmithing

Precision Rifle Services

Install trigger, DBM, Scope Rail, Scope, Boresight $25 ea
Range Sight $75 plus amm
o /work up load, break in new barrel $325
Barrel Job: Chamber, fit to action, crown, $300
Barrel Thread: $120, install and time muzzle brake $150
    *Threading when barreling $75 * Installing VAIS style brake $175
    *Chop barrel, crown and thread $150
Action Truing (Blue Printing): $200
8-40 rail screws (Drill & Tap Action ) $20 ea
Bolt fluting: $125-250
Bush firing pin: $135
Install bolt knob: $50 + bolt knob (Remington and Winchester RH only)
M16 Extractors/Sako Extractor install: $200
Install side bolt release:$125 + Parts
Flute Barrel: $200
Install A5 DBM: $125
Bed Stock or Chassis $150
Pillar Bed Stock $250
Installing Picatinny Rail for Atlas on customer Stock: $100

AR-15 Services

Gas block removal and install lo pro gas block - $30
Handguard install - $50
Time muzzle brake or compensator (If mounting a suppressor mount will check and verify that its concentric - $10-$20
Build Complete Upper - $45 (Not Including Parts)
Build Complete Lower - $45 (Not Including Parts)
Build Complete Rifle - $80 (Not Including Parts)
Install QD Sling Endplates - $20
Install Trigger $20
Rifle to Carbine stock conversion /Vice Versa - $20

AK Services

Install butt stock, pistol grip, bullet guide, modify magazine release, & install control group. 
Install butt stock, pistol grip, & install control group.
Hand threading for muzzle brake: $60
Lathe threading for suppressor use : $225 (requires removal of the barrel and reinstall of barrel)
AK tuning service (Smoothing out action and polishing internals): $80

Various Services

Service charge Per Hour: $60
Minimum Charge per gun: $25
Basic Cleaning: $20
Detailed Cleaning :Completely stripping your firearm, cleaning all parts, checking for wear or broken parts, and making suggestions of services needed to put it in A-1 condition. Price is based on the complexity of the firearm. :$40 to $100
Glock Maintenance Service - $120 (Includes full cleaning and inspection and replacement of parts by Glock Certified Armorer.)
AR-15 M4 Maintenance Service - $120 (Includes full cleaning and inspection plus replacement of commonly worn parts)
Mounting Scope :$30 - $60

RMR Slide Cut $160 (Glock, M&P, CZ, 1911 only)
RMR Cut with glock rear dovetail $225